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truth of ameritas dental provider search

Posted by Sally Reed on

ameritas dental provider search Mind mapping and having them be more successful well we’ve noticed through this process is that is that flipping this classroom it’s not only how .

We flipped the classroom but we’ve changed the way we teach with the flipped classroom Anna maria and.

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ameritas dental provider search

  • i have noticed at our educational institutions is that our retention rate has gone up dramatically yes not losing these students and not only are we not losing them but they understand this material so much better .
  • they retain it better so they’re not just cramming information .
  • understanding it and that retention will last them a lot longer so that’s the biggest benefit of this yes and like I tell you one of .
  • The most challenging pieces as an educator is helping students gain those critical thinking skills is the hardest thing like I remember in school like .
  • I had like some epiphanies after I graduated way long time to wait but it was like oh this is what they were trying to share with me what .
  • I appreciate about what you’re going to be teaching at at our inspiring.
  • the future summit is hey there’s a way for us to teach for these lightbulbs to come out a lot sooner because now we’re.
  • not just saying hey learn this information and then you know give it back to us by taking this assessment it’s like hey learn .
  • this information outside and then apply it as soon as you come into the classroom like it was just like oh my gosh Wow and I think about this yeah .
  • there’s so many so many students that learn in different methods you know I mean that most students can nowadays just read and memorize and then spit out.
  • That information I mean now you have to like apply yourself and have showing the most effective approach that produces the best student result at the end and that’s what we want and so you want to retain these students it’s not
  • That we’re here to you know to not have them learn the material we’re here as facilitator supporters for ultimate success in the classroom yes absolutely and and you know what I really appreciate