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Learn How To Start full coverage dental insurance

Posted by Sally Reed on

full coverage dental insurance conventional implants again even  full coverage dental insurance lower but when I offer fixed prosthetics on keyhole mini implants it’s a .



the acceptance rate very high acceptance rate and the best part is they accepted at ninety four percent percent accepted at consultation and booked in to get

that treatment done a few percent need to sort out their finances and by the end of a year or two they’re back to have the the trim performed there’s usually another three or four percent of those patients making it roughly ninety eight ninety nine percent

who accept this treatment now I’ve met quite a little slide is saying why is it so difficult to get acceptance rates high septons raised with fixed kronor bridgework and conventional implants basically it’s number one copper cause it’s costs versus perceived value second it’s

the fear of pain and thirdly it’s concern regarding damage to other structures especially adjacent natural virgin teeth have never been drilled filled or restored anyway usually under a bridge and cut down the truth on either side in this day and age

I consider that to be completely unacceptable when implants are so so easy to perform now if the ridge is extremely narrow then okay understandably if an implant can’t be placed if grafting is involved and more complexities involved sure a bridge is a wonderful way to be able to help these patients but in

the majority of cases in fact implants will do the job mini implants will will go into ridges narrow ridges that conventional of us just cannot handle you can’t put them in there if you’ve got a three and a half millimeter four millimeter wide rich you can’t put a four millimeter or a .

millimeter conventional implant in that in that area that alveolus can take a two millimeter maybe turn a half millimeter implant but not a . so we’ll get into that a bit later on so when the value of your patient places on your proposed treatment is greater

than the value you place on that treatment your case acceptance rate will increase dramatically when for you.open for the patient keyhole implant dentistry is perceived as high-value for a reasonable fee because they are actually getting an implant they are getting a crown so it’s high value dentistry but for us as the dentists keyhole