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They always have to get in a DENTAL INSURANCE NC  jet fly across the country stay in and  read or drop three thousand dollars to learn something they could have made for   half of those speakers on dental town if you just google their name on YouTube probably have a YouTube channel where.

You can watch hours for free one of my rock star buddies geared hope learn how to place dental implants is because every   work he got on YouTube and search dental implant surgery and watch ours are just closed to dental and within a year.

Who’s that I’d seen you know , hours of  all these surgeries and I just he just felt full of great and you know and then the best is when you just walk across the street to your paradise will shake your damn hand and say hey if I  ever have an afternoon fall apart on my schedule can I come over and watch you and all bunkies want a friend now that party now.

It’s got a friend the best hands on CD but what I love about this DENTAL INSURANCE NC specialist across the street is when you  do screw up you got a you got a parent on us across the street you have you got an oral surgeon I mean if you end up pulling out that Whizzes dude and only get the top half out you got a buddy that’ll pull the bottom half out for you and so.

Just you know just figure out the  five fingers and you know answer this test on everything is it faster is it easier is it higher quality is it lower in cost is the more miniature and if you do all that you’re gonna have a rockin good career lord.

I know you go buddy go buy Lauren you want to go buy al brat well but you’re Lauren to me you’re  Lauren Brad Wells DDS thank you so much for all that you’ve done for dentistry and dental town and thank you so much for coming on the show.

today hope you have a rocking hot day Howard you have been a role model of mine for many years I would not have had that first practice but wasn’t for the hundreds and thousands of our just a mountain town  researching.

how to do it so it’s an honor to be on your show I’m still a little bit hotter than even here thanks everybody for listening and I look forward to meeting you in person hopefully at. Get More : https://www.dentalhelps.com/dental-insurance-nc/