10 Tips That Will Make You Influential In Dentist Insurance Plans

The two sources of the common errors or the fee schedules and the posterior composite coverage so you don’t want a pissed-off duck in your practice so we want to do these things right Dentist Insurance Plans so let me show you both the errors and why the errors occur and how to deal with them in open demo you can deal with insurance plans two different ways either as a PPO percentage which is what we prefer because it has a lot of advantages we think when it comes to case presentation or is category present percentage I’m going to show you the mistakes that happen there appear a little bit differently depending upon how you set these things up if you’re not using open dental you don’t have PPO percentage that’s an advantage of open dental you have the category.

It’s category percentages and I’ll show you the how the errors look there just a second so so this set will set Donald up here with PPO percentage will set his fee schedule in there for the delta fee schedule when we put a treatment plan in you notice something looks kind of odd here’s our fees in the case of PPO percentage those are going to be our UCR fees but look at the discount Donald gets Donald is getting a discount of a hundred percent so his portion is going to be zero and this is the air that I’m going to show you when you’re ending up with zeroes in funny places like how much the patient’s going to owe you

It means there’s a problem in the fee schedule let’s go look at the fee schedule for composites here is our you see our fee and here is the Delta fee there isn’t one it’s zero so somebody neglected to put the Delta fee in that fee schedule okay you’ve got to make sure that your fee schedules are correct most of the time the bigger insurance companies like Delta or Aetna or so forth will tend to send you about fees for different fee schedules  but not always and just because they sent it to you and that’s your contract and allowance doesn’t mean that somebody put it in the computer correctly so you need to check on these things when you find zeros this is the cause right here